Eatsa New York

Stopped to check out the new technology at Eatsa in NYC yesterday and man, were we intrigued.

First, an incredibly efficient operation – 12 kiosks taking orders, plus mobile ordering options. The more points of sale you have, the faster people move through the line – no brainer. Kiosks for ordering can easily be customized for venues and be a part of each individual concepts branding. We’ve been pushing this for a while – hopefully as kiosks become more mainstream, more buildings will catch on. And those condiment stations? Eatsa’s clean lines, simple presentation of cutlery and napkins, as well as clearly marked waste bins are all a plus to us.

Most impressive was the seamless technology integration that makes the experience user-friendly, encourages feedback and adds a layer of personality into a tech-driven environment. That dynamic glass with ever-changing messages? Great way to market new products. Name popping up with a smile when your food is ready? Makes us feel special. Simple presentation, easy to carry bowl – both perfect for a venue. The kicker for us? That the receipt immediately asks for feedback (e-receipts always make this easy…) and you know that any chance we have to give our opinion, we’re in.

Eatsa, we’ll be back.