As life is quickly accelerating back into a sense of normalcy, one thing seems to be lagging behind the reopening of stadiums and arenas… the staff. We are seeing it everywhere. Whether it’s Delta canceling 100 flights on Easter Sunday, or stadiums rapidly opening back up to full capacity without enough hourly/low-level management staff to give the service fans expect.

What does a venue do when employee recruitment and retention is seeing record low numbers in an industry already infamous for such a thing?


We have to change the operating model to change the way we staff. Venues need to be deliberately designed to require less food and beverage staff.  Grab and go markets and the use of technology hold the keys. 

For those venues that do not have a renovation on the horizon, we recognize that solutions are needed for the issue at hand.  What Incentives can be offered to get employees back?  How can we make working in a venue a rewarding experience by recognizing the achievements that are often overlooked?  How can we simplify the current offering by reducing menu items to the true core fan favorites? Instead of offering 20 subpar items, offer 5 excellent food and beverage options. And lastly, let’s get the restaurant communities engaged to participate in venue re-openings, which will reduce the number of locations that have to be staffed.